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Jamie's Rule Book Part 4

Jamie's Rule Book Part 3

“Stop being so sulky,” she told me the next morning, Saturday, in the car outside of Rosylind’s house.

I refused to look at her and pulled away when her hand hovered into my line of sight. “It’s fine.”

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“It means that I’m pissed but you’re not going to care or understand why.”

She shrugged. “That’s fair enough. Come on though. You’ll get to hang out with Berry.”

I shook my head. “I don’t like Berry. I tell you that every time we come over here.”

She flicked my arm. “You don’t like Berry after what Rosylind had him do for you last time?”

I didn’t want to think about that. I shuddered when I saw his doughy face. “Hey, Lance,” hey greeted me. 

He said to my girlfriend, “The girls are out back with a pitcher of Mui Tais. You just let me know when you run out, okay?”

“What’s new with you, Berry?”

He started to prattle on about some bullshit he’d seen on TV. I stopped paying attention after a few minutes but thankfully for both of us, Berry either couldn’t tell the difference between attention and total indifference or else no longer cared. I busied myself throwing together some sauces for a marinade.

When I stepped outside for a drink I was greeted by ten staring eyes. My wife’s gang sat around a metal table with Steve, the token guy. Steve’s real name was Stefano Raul Vesquelez but everyone called him Steve. His long dancer’s legs were stretched out over Rosylind’s lap casually. I’d never seen her allow a man to touch her instead of her touching him except Steve. His dancing had earned their respect and now he was just one of the girls. That said, he was rarely invited out shopping or really any events that didn’t involve drinking. “Hey there, Lance,” he said. “How are you this morning?”

I glanced around the yard as I approached. “I’ve been better.”

Rachel coughed and Evie kicked her under the table. Steve, sharp as a spoon, asked innocently, “Did you have a big night last night?”

Evie stifled her giggle but the damage was already done and all the girls were rolling with laughter, even Jamie, after a bit. “What? What?” Steve asked.

I finished filling my glass and made a bee-line for the screen door to the kitchen but Rachel stopped me, asking, “Wait a second. You didn’t answer Steve’s question.”

Rosylind giggled from behind her hands, “was it big, Lance?”

“I- my- Jamie there,” I indicated with an extended arm, eyes glued to my shoes, “Jamie milked me.”

“Milked your ass?” clarified Steve.

“Yes, my ass,” I said.

“And…?” encouraged Rachel.

“And she had sex with Brad,” I squeaked.

Rosylind put a hand on Steve’s arm, asking, “You know Brad?”

“I know Brad,” said Steve.

Jamie snorted and looked off to her right, taking a drag of a joint and passing it to Evie.

“And…?” persisted Rachel.

“And I c-“ my voice caught on the word- “cleaned out my Princess after.”

Steve finally broke into a hearty laugh even though his hand shot to his mouth as soon as it started. “Okay,” he said between breaths, “that is pretty bad.” As he giggled his white A-shirt drifted up his supine torso, exposing his rippling abs. These dancers were always in such good shape.

When the laughter subsided, I asked, “May I start cooking lunch now?”

Jamie responded, “Let us get another drink in and then start it up.” I turned on the grill to begin warming and returned inside.

I added the meats from the fridge to the marinade bowl while Berry excitedly explained his college volleyball bracket for the season. I washed my hands and relined on the kitchen island holding my drink with both hands, eyeing Berry suspiciously. He had the loose, vealy tone to his flesh and although his skin was naturally darker than mine, indoors it had paled to a yellowy brown. This is what marriage does to you, I thought. I can’t become some homebound nitterer. I can’t.

I gulped down my drink to both limit my exposure to Berry’s running mouth and dull the embarrassment. When I approached the screen door it banged open with a kick of Rachel’s foot. She shot past me, out the front door. After her came Stefano, shrieking as Evie nipped pinches at his butt. Rosylind followed at a jog and finally Jamie. “We’ll be back in ten, maybe fifteen minutes. We’ll be right back.”

Perplexed, I wandered out back and put the meat on the grill. I sat in the shade of the umbrella at the table and sipped on the half-finished mai tais. Fucking Jamie always dragged me to stupid shit like this, made me hang out with some empty-headed boy while she went off someplace fun with her friends. As if I would have anything in common with Berry. Doughy, soft, boring, inoffensive Berry. I hated the silent parts, the waiting, the wondering. What was Jamie doing?

Before long the meat was cooked but the girls were nowhere to be found. I piled the grilled meat, dripping juices, onto a plate and covered it with aluminum foil. Eventually Berry waddled out and sat with me, burbling on about his mansercize group. Honestly I preferred the company of just the meat.
Finally we heard earth-rumbling percussion of Rachel’s car returning. Berry, always a little puppy, bounded inside to greet his wife. I kept my seat until Berry’s face appeared at the screen door, saying, “Your girlfriend wants you.”

That was not a phrase I’d heard much lately. When I got inside I heard Steve calling out in a high sing-song voice, “Oh Lance. Your lady requests you upstairs.” A chorus of girlish chuckles followed. I could never tell if Stephano’s lisp was an accent of a speech impediment or what.

I replied as I climbed the stairs, “Okay, but the food’s been ready. We need to eat it before-“ I stopped short at the sight down the hallway. My girlfriend sat on the edge of Rosylind’s bed wearing only an oversized shirt with a long, open neck that exposed her right shoulder. She locked eyes with me and beckoned with a smile. Evie and Rachel sat together in a sofa on one side of the bedroom looking hot and tossled, sharing giggles and glassy stares. Rosylind leaned against the other wall, watching me intently, and Steve lay on the bed behind Jamie.

Rosylind spoke first, “We have a present for you, buddy.” Steve giggled at that.

He said, “Look at your skin, Jamie. You’re glowing.”

Evie chimed in, “Didn’t I tell you he was great.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” giggled Rachel, twirling a wavy golden lock of hair in her finger.
I spoke, my voice small and hollow. “I don’t understand, Jamie. Why are you doing this to me? We were… happy.” Were we?

“Don’t be like that. We decided-“ It took to the first C of decided for me to realize she was sloshed. How did she get drunk so fast, I wondered but then it hit me: we were set up. One of the girls had planned this. “- to give you a chance to get free. Isn’t that nice of us? Didn’t you want to cum?”

“Jamie, this is-“ I started but was cut off by Rosylind.

“Oh, you don’t want to cum?” Rosylind asked flatly.

“I- of course- Jamie, this isn’t right. You can’t just-“

Rachel undercut me, laughing, “Well she did.”

Jamie made a sympathetic face and reached out to me. She refused to take my hands when I offered them and instead reached for my head. She said, “I want to do something nice for you, but you have to impress me. You have to get my question right.” She pulled me in, closer and closer to her sopping cunt, half obscured by the cotton shirt.

“No, no, no” I was saying. Her hands prevented me from shaking my head.

“If you can tell me whose cum it is, I’ll let you cum. Right in front of my girlfriends. Doesn’t that sound nice?” I tried once more but it was too late. My face made contact with her hot, cum-filled sex, wet and reeking from the mingling of body juices. The taste made me gag a little at first, but no one noticed. She tasted of salt and body odor and the cum was fresh.

Rachel moaned, “Oh my god he was so big!”

Evie nodded, “Right? He’s the best.”

Rosylind cut in, “Don’t spoil the game. Come on now.”

Rachel didn’t care, saying, “I can’t believe I never tried him before.”

Evie remarked, “I’ve been telling you.”

All this I heard muffled by Jamie’s thick thighs that squeezed and then released my head as her fingers on my scalp compelled me into her deeper and deeper. Jamie was too focused on the warm softness of my tongue to join the conversation but I knew she’d be praising some other man for her current pleasure.

“You’re going to turn me on making all those noises, girl,” said Rosylind.

Finally Jamie pulled me back by my hair and I sat on my heels between her legs staring up at her. She wiped my moist face and smiled. “Well?”

I shrugged and looked down. My lips curled into a pout. Was I going to cry? “I don’t- I can’t-“ I started blubbering.

“A boy who doesn’t like to cum,” remarked Rachel. “Didn’t think I’d ever see that.”

Rosylind asked Jamie, “I thought you said he didn’t get out ever anymore.”

Jamie nodded, saying airily, “But only for the last week.”

Rosylind tutted. “Maybe he’s not hungry enough.”

I let out an exasperated moan. The only guys I knew were Brad and Evan. Who was that other guy? Andrew? Archer? I regretted my habit of filtering out the ladies’ boy talk. None of them stuck around for long. Archer? I peer past Jamie’s leg at Steve. He was smiling and kept touching Jamie’s hair and sides, but he seemed too awake. Besides, he was a brother to them. Who has the biggest dick? I asked myself, but of course I didn’t know. Brad’s wasn’t much bigger than mine. The cum certainly tasted more like Brad’s then Evan’s.  “Brad?” I guessed.

Jamie made a surprised face for a long moment and then it cracked into a smile. Laughter rose from the women, everyone but Steve. Jamie too broke into a guttural guffawing and laid back on the bed giggling. I stared at her glistening sex, watching her stomach rise and fall. I felt stupid and inferior. Jamie sat back up and between peals of giggles and wiping away tears from her eyes she said, “How can you… you were there! Brad’s not… I’m not having sex with Brad ever again.”

Rosylind howled, “Did you send him packing?”

Jamie shouted, “He was there!”

That sent a fresh round of laughter through the girls. Rosylind was in disbelief. “He watched him fail and he still guessed Brad?” Jamie buried me back in her pussy as the laughter rocked through her, ab muscles pulsing. Her joy morphed into a lustier moaning and she laid back on the bed, wrapping her thighs around my head.

Steve looked her down and said, “Damn girl, how many times are you going to cum today?”

“Stephen,” said Rosylind, getting up to hit him. He yelped when she slapped his face. “Don’t be a bitch.”

Stephen rubbed his face distrustfully. Evie shouted over Jamie’s moaning, “He’s just jealous.”

“Aaah,” Jamie moaned, “that’s the… uhhh… good boy. Gooooood.”

Rosylind asked Steve, “Is that it? Jealousy?”

Steve played dumb. “I don’t know what you girls mean. I’m not-“

“-Jealous you didn’t get to cum,” responded Rosylind. “We let Arthur have a go on you but you didn’t get to cum.”

Arthur, I thought to myself. I should have known. The taste of his cum had been almost entirely replaced by the more familiar flavor of Jamie’s growing horniness.

Steve pretended to be uncertain. “Yeah, maybe I didn’t.” Nervousness started to well in his throat.

Rachel whined from deep in the sofa, “You never want to play with us, Steve? Why don’t you like to play?”
Steve got to his feet carefully and backed up the short distance he had to the wall. “I don’t really like games,” he said, his ass still sore from the game minutes ago.

Suddenly Evie announced, “I want to see him cum in Lance’s ass.”

“Hmm,” considered Rosylind. All of the girls watched me for a moment, voraciously eating Jamie’s snatch in the vain hope that she’s stop the growing consensus. Jamie writhed on the bed, spasms of pleasure gripping her legs now and then. I worked my face up and down, anything to get her off. Anything I could do from this position.

Rachel said wistfully, “I’ve never seen Lance get fucked.”

Evie’s eyes lit up. “Oh well you have to then. He makes these noises. Like these little ‘no’s but you can tell it’s actually a ‘don’t stop.’”

Rosylind guffawed. “It’s true. He goes ‘no no no no.’ It’s so cute.” Then, without hesitation she shouted to the door, “Berry, lube.”

I started to say something, tried to pull back but Jamie noticed immediately and drew me in tighter with a “No no no no.”

Rosylind advanced on Steve and he said, “I really don’t know girls. I… uh.” He was saying no but I could hear a second voice taking over. I knew the sensation well. Every reasonable part of you knows it might end poorly, but the deeper, animal voice just wants to cum. I knew what happened when I listened to that voice, and yet seeming every time cumming was an option…

Berry arrived at the door holding a platter of lube. I back for a moment when I heard the door squeal open. He tip-toed in nervously, cautiously. I caught his eye for a moment and we shared a look of regret. Just one week ago Berry was in my position and I in Steve’s. We both looked away, Berry in shame and I at Jamie’s insistence. “Stop it,” she commanded. “Make me… oh… make me…” She seemed to be on the verge for a second but the tension went out of her voice. “Mmmm more like that.”

“Get him ready,” said Rosylind, untying the string that held Steve’s grey sweatpants. They dropped to the ground revealing his slightly stubbly pubic hair and his growing, circumcised member. I never understood why boyfriends like me were always in chastity while they allowed short-term lovers and friends like Steve to remain uncaged. Jamie insisted that the cage was all about ownership. She wanted everyone to know, me included, that I belonged to her completely. Berry, his own member soft and caged, got on his knees and began to rub the lube onto Steve. Steve began to sigh as the pudgy fingers encircled his long-ignored cock.  “Very good,” said Rosylind. “I didn’t even have to tell you.”

“Yes Ma’am” he said.

Evie spoke excitedly with Rachel about their past experiences with forced man-on-man action. Apparently Rachel had a brother who became well established at her high school as a fucking boy for good boyfriends’ cum. Good girls like Evie and Rachel would never debase themselves to ritual cum-letting but they were more than happy to find a boy’s warm hole to substitute. It wasn’t until after college that they discovered the joys of being fucked for themselves, once their mothers’ teachings wore off. Evie meanwhile used to make casual hook-ups fuck her boy roommate to prove they had the moves and stamina. “If he can’t make a boy squeal and scream, what chance does he have of pleasing me?” she asked.

“St-stop,” Steve stuttered. “It feels too good.” Berry had clamped his lips around the head of Steve’s skinny cock.

Rosylind slapped Steve again. “You better not cum on my boyfriend,” she insisted.

“Stop-“ Steve pushed Berry off of him. “Cut it out, man.”

Soon Berry’s pudgy fingers were at my asshole, pushing lube into me. I grunted to try and rouse Jamie’s attention but she only moaned louder. His greedy sausage fingers poked at my hole harder and harder until they started to slip in, one at first, and then two. I tried not to tense against him, but his movements were quick and startling. I guess I couldn’t hold it against him, but Berry was always altogether too happy to fulfill the girls wishes (at the expense of his fellow man). No one could be counted on to try as hard and as obstinantly as Berry when pitted in competition with a fellow man, even if cumming was not on the table. Thankfully his doubtless devotion was tempered by his flabby body and general ineptitude, which made him an easy competitor physically. In mental and endurance challenges, Berry was a real bastard. He jabbed me persistently, shamelessly.

“Are you ready?” asked Rosylind.

Steve now had his dick in hand, standing over me, considering my helpless, squirming body. “I don’t know…” he intoned.

Evie moaned, her hands slipping into an easy rhythm in her lap, “Do it. I want to see it go in.”

I made a final effort to warn Jamie but as my grunts grew more and more hysterical, her moans grew to cover them up, until she was gasping thunderous gasps, squeezing her breasts with one hand as the other stayed glued to my scalp. In a long, slow, even movement Steve leaned into me, impaling his throbbing cock past my desperately squeezing sphincter, deep into my guts. I could feel the fat cockhead inside of me, widening me for the rest of his long cock. I screamed and shook, as did Jamie. Steve clasped his hands around my hips as he sank balls deep. He seemed to fill up my ass completely, pushing hard on my unwilling prostate. Even so, my cock stiffened ever so slightly in its cage. Steve moaned, “uh-huh. That’s right,” as he locked hips with me, rocking my body back and forth with his cock fully planted. Then he backed out a little. My whole body tensed, the sucking emptiness as uncomfortable and the growing wideness. As he pulled almost entirely out I felt my muscles tense with the anticipation of pushing him out completely. Instead he stayed just where he was, cockhead nuzzled tight against my sphincter. I tried to pull away but he stayed right there, just a little inside of me. “It feels good when you squeeze me like that,” he said, “really good,” and thrust back into me. This time he didn’t stop, but continued, in and out, in long, unavoidable strokes. My prostate burned with sensation.

Jamie, who had climaxed moments after Steve found purchase in my guts, finally looked down from the ceiling and wiped the sweat from her face. As she did so, she pushed my face away from her sensitive pussy, driving me back onto Steve’s cock. He grabbed my hips tighter and drove himself deep, no longer in even movements but pounding, jerky jabs deeper and deeper. My continued wailing was enough to drive Jamie back to reality, and when she did so she mumbled, “Wait, stop.” She looked weakly down at my glistening, red, smeared face and then back up at Steve. “What are you doing?”

Steve couldn’t answer, he was already preparing to cum.  I could feel the blood rush into his cock and he grew wider and longer than before. He mounted me higher, forcing me from my hands to my elbows as he shifted more weight onto my back. He was now thrusting with the full power of both of his meaty dancer’s legs, jamming his hard pelvis against my skinny ass. I could feel the cockhead deep inside of me growing, pushing my intestines out of the way.

Jamie stood now and I stared at her foot to the left of my head. “Get off of him,” she was saying, planting her hands on either side of Steve’s chest and pushing him backwards.

It didn’t matter, though, she was too late. Steve brought my hips back with him as she pushed him backwards, glued to my hole like a mad chimpanzee. Grunting louder and louder, finally he screamed and his warm cum filled my ass, shooting deep into my intestines. He fell off shortly after that, Jamie not standing over him screaming about property and respect and I felt cum dripping out of me onto the floor. Berry caught my eyes again, this time with a horrified empathy. “Steve!” Jamie was screaming. “How could you?”

“They made me,” he insisted, looking at Rosylind and Evie, who shook their heads.

Rachel contradicted, “He was like crazy horny.”

I didn’t care anymore. There’s a special kind of disappointment that takes hold after a man fills your ass with cum. It’s like the shame and disappointment of premature ejaculation, but with an extra sense of emptiness and being used that comes from dipping cum from your sissy hole. It was not something that Jamie, who now felt only anger and betrayal, could understand.

We didn’t see Steve after that, although he remained with the company for many more years. When I finally worked up the courage to sneak a peek at Jamie’s notebook weeks later Brad’s name had been crossed about, as had Evan’s and Arthur’s. I almost shed a tear when I saw that so too was “rubbies.” I knew to expect it from the way she spoke to me on our way home after she hastily and angrily dressed. She kept using words like commitment and trust like I had somehow been at fault. I tried to explain my attempts to rouse her but she had no memory or care for that. Although she hadn’t explicitly canceled the cum points, she stopped mentioning them altogether.

I waited until she was drunk and satisfied a few weeks later to ask her when I might get out. She looked up at me sleepily before she drew close, eyes coming into focus. “You know that from book two onward there’s no tolerance for cheating.”

“I-“ I started.

“Hush,” she commanded. “At all. How can I trust you?”

“Jamie!” I snapped. “Your friend fucking raped me and you let him. And now you’re mad at me.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits. She sat up and began to collect her long straight hair in a ponytail at the back of her head, her small, pointed breasts waving with her movements. “Did you not see the column?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Don’t play dumb,” she hissed, “I know you looked. I’ve already added five points for it.”

This time I was truly at a loss. I started to weep, quietly at first but growing into deep sobs. “Jamie, listen to me god damnnit.”

“Go,” she said, waving at the door with a limp wrist. “Stop and go get the book.”

I marched downstairs trying not to feel like a child throwing a tantrum. This was real, I thought, this is different. Not right.

I snatched the little black book from the drawer and returned to the bedroom. My eyes began to well again as I reentered the room. Jamie now wore her baggy practice shirt and white and grey striped panties that she’d washed too many times. She sat casually on her side of the bed. She watched me take a seat next to her and then shook her head slowly. I shrank under her gaze to a spot on my knees on the floor. “Jamie,” I started.

“Look in the book,” she commanded me. “Last page. I want to see the look in your eyes when you understand.”

I blinked water from my eyes as I scanned the page. There was rubbies, crossed out as before. Besides that were only tallies for workouts, lunches, after-dinner drinks, and…

“You’ve taken a new man?” I asked angrily. Why was she making me do this?

“What?” she asked.

I sneered, “The only other thing here is someone’s last name. Gelding. And the number 2000.”

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