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Jamie's Rule Book Part 2

Author's Note: Sorry I hadn't been posting regularly. I'd had some tumult in my personal life. Hoping to get back on track now.

Jamie's Rule Book Part 1

It wasn’t until a week later that I found the courage to look inside of her notebook. True to form she had drawn an X across the “Rubbies” box with two fine precise lines and a new box had been started beside it completely devoid of tallies, with the new number, 2100. She didn’t give me credit for dinner or anal this week, I realized. She had even peed in my mouth while I licked her during Thursday morning’s shower, not that there was any formalized reason I should receive points for that. Still, come on.

Right below the Rubbies box was another, the outline created with the usual two fine strokes, but the title in darker, deeply furrowed letters, the result of tracing over them. The title was simply “Brad” and there were three vertical lines below it. A horrible feeling sank from my brain deep into my gut, a twisting worse than any punishment Mr. Happy could inflict.

She returned that evening red and sweaty as usual. She grabbed her notebook from its usual place in the drawer and made her daily adjustments before sitting down to the chicken fricassee I cooked. As I sat across from her chewing in silence I couldn’t help but wonder, is Brad’s cum leaking out of her right now? Do they laugh about her stupid boyfriend in chastity after he cums? Does she miss my cock at all? A week with absolutely no erections was driving me crazy, particularly when I serviced her needs each time she dragged me towards her crotch.

My first question was answered after dinner when she did just that. I pushed aside her thong with my tongue and found only the usual heat and smell of sweat and work. Brad hadn’t gained another tally, not yet.
But when I checked the notebook again three days later he had gained not one tally but another three. Not only that, but another name, Evan, had claimed a box of space. Evan had only one stroke as of yet. I was so surprised that I almost didn’t hear Jamie enter the front door. I stashed the book away but in my haste, closed the drawer too quickly. I tried to look cool as she entered the kitchen, pretending that neither of us had heard the sound we both knew too well. “Hello,” she said.
I blushed but maintained eye contact. “Hi, honey.”
“What did you get up to today?” she asked, popping open a beer from the fridge.
“You know, worked on a few pieces. I’ve been talking with the curator from Atlanta,” I said, circling the kitchen island opposite of Jamie to stay a healthy distance from her.
She snatched the notebook from its usual place and slammed the drawer shut, staring me down. It made the exact same sound it had made a moment ago. She then grabbed a pencil from the cup on counter and jabbed its already pointy end into the electric sharpener. She withdrew it sharper than before. She took a seat on the low kitchen table and after making a few jots she casually asked, “and how many do I take away for snooping?”

“Huh?” I asked, praying I’d heard wrong.

“Well obviously you don’t get away with snooping through my private information. It’s a little shocking considering we just had a conversation about breaching trust.”

“I…I” I stammered.

“No, you don’t need to talk,” she replied. She thought a moment in silence and then said, “Well clearly you learned nothing from my usual methods. I can’t seem to hurt or fuck the disobedience out of you, which is a shame because those options are far more fun, for you, than the others I have in mind. I think we’re going to need to move to book four.”

The words sent a shiver down my spine. Book four. Every time we had advanced a book, things only got worse for me. Book one seemingly only contained instructions about focusing the male’s mind with chastity and properly administered rewards, which seemed reasonable enough to me even if it meant that my orgasms were now primarily into her hand than her warm, snug… anyway. Book two introduced negative reinforcement: pain causing devices and techniques that made the increasingly rare positive reinforcement all the sweeter. It was around this time that she discovered I had been escaping my chastity cage to masturbate, one afternoon when her friend Rosylind stopped by to pick up Jamie’s water bottle on her way to the studio. In light of the severity of the infraction and the public nature of its exposure, Jamie insisted we dive straight into book three. Book three of the Olympia Club guidelines introduced anal sex. When combined with pain it had the effect of both draining me physically and emotionally, but rendering me a completely blank slate from which she could build a new, more trusting, more complete relationship. Rosylind had never looked at me the same after the day she caught me.

Book four. The thought was chilling. Where could the humiliation lead from here? Despite my racing mind I dug in my heels and demanded, “Who’s Brad?”

She squinted at me over the notebook. “Excuse me?” she asked, voice like ice.

“Tell me who Brad is.”

She closed the book and set it on the table beside her, then placed the pencil on top of it. “Do you really want to talk about this right after you get in trouble? I’m not feeling very pleasant and you might not like your answer.”

I knew I wouldn’t like the answer, how could I not know that? Even so, a bridge once crossed is not easily retreated over and I found myself unflinching in my self-destruction. “I want to know why Brad’s in your book. And another guy. Evan?”

She sucked on her cheek and her teeth almost visible through her thin, pale skin. “Do you remember the talk we had last week? About your ejaculation problems?”

I felt like a chided child standing before her. I only nodded.

“Well I decided that you wouldn’t be getting out of chastity anymore.”

I stared at her for an interminable minute waiting for her to continue. She met my eyes unflinchingly. “And?” I asked.

“What?” she asked with a guffaw, “You expect me to be celibate too?”

I knew it was coming but her admission stunned me all the same. “We didn’t talk about this,” I said.

“We didn’t talk about your total incompetence as a man before we started dating either,” she shot back. “I, for one, think that this is going to be a really good thing for us.”

“You can’t do this to me!” I insisted. “I’m your boyfriend! I get a say in this!”

She rolled her eyes. “I expected you to take this hard but I didn’t expect you to throw a tantrum. You know how I respond to that sort of behavior.”

I stamped my foot and shouted “Six times? In a week? And a second guy?” I even advanced on her a little.

Her lips gathered to one side, unimpressed. “I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Maybe if you calm down-“

“I am calm!” I shouted. “I am calm,” I repeated, taking control of my voice. The rage cooled to venom in my throat and I tried her tactic. “Really, Jamie?” I asked. “You disgust me.”
Her foot shot out quick as a dart and in a single motion she brought me crashing onto my back. Just like that her other foot rested gently on my neck. “I don’t let boys speak to me that way,” she said over the din of my cries of pain.

“Jamie! For Christ’s sake,” I tried saying, but her foot continued to compress my throat, warping my voice into a distant croak.

“You’re a slow learner,” she was saying. “You always have been, but it’s okay because I’m patient.” She considered my reddening face and decided to free me. I coughed as she helped me to my feet. “I like you, Lance but you’re really too hasty. You wouldn’t have said those things if you knew what was in Book Four.”
I shuddered. The fear of the anal punishment I’d already earned disappeared in the shadow of the unknown punishment I had coming. Jamie had been going to community pod meetings since before middle school and had personally educated several men at the Olympia Club. Her mother made it a point to see that Jamie developed proper attitudes about men early, she informed me the first time we visited her. Consequently, Jamie never kept any of the actual instruction books from the training series in the house. She had them entirely committed to memory. The only book Jamie needed was her little notebook. From the beginning she revealed to me the expectations and punishments of each book at her own pace. For example, it wasn’t until I was tied over the bed receiving a caning that I learned that a Book Three boyfriend is expected to enjoy the same size dildos as his keeper. Her friends all giggled at me when she told them about it over lunch one afternoon. “It’s true,” her friend Rachel told me, “all my serious boyfriends have overcome Stranger eventually.” Not that many boyfriends tended to hang around

“Tell us again about the blood,” implored Evie. Evie weirded me out. The way her neck swiveled on her freaky bird neck unnerved me. Honestly, the whole gaggle was bird-like with their long, skinny legs and arms. And the bird necks. They ate like birds too, leaving for me half the sandwich tray I’d prepared.
The company girls were constantly present in Jamie’s life, together after practice almost every day, spending most evenings in the village, taking pictures of each other wearing motley combinations of new fashions. On their salaries, the trips rarely ended in a purchase unless one of them happened to find a short-term fling to foot the bill. They knew everything about each other’s lives. They knew when Jamie had news long before I did, including the news that I’d be wearing a chastity device. “That means she likes you,” they’d told me on the sly. They were her confidants and biggest supporters. They were also cruel, angry women who loved nothing more than seeing each other fail.

Rachel, a blonde with dark eyebrows and a chest unusually large for her profession, always wore a tight sports bra that pushed her boobs into a single jutting mass. She asked, “Has he met our Bradley yet?” The girls shared any man fool enough to impress any one of them. I learned about the practice the first time I met them for food after work when Rosylind was threatening to use my face for a pad for being such an insolent bitch and Jamie informed her in no uncertain terms that I was Jamie’s and hers alone. Since that time I’d seen many boy toys swallowed up and spat by their game broke and broken.

Evie gasped and asked, “He knows about Brad?” She looked at me in puzzled amazement.

“He found out yesterday when he was digging through my things.” Part of my punishment was to cater to the girls wearing my sexy maid lingerie Jamie loved so much. The other girls certainly weren’t adverse to the sight, but had learned to keep their hands to themselves. I caught Rachel eyeing the outline of my chastity device through the thin elastic panties several times but she didn’t seem to mind. “He hasn’t met Brad yet, but he will tomorrow night.”

It was my turn to gasp. She’d told me that tomorrow night was for milking.

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