Friday, August 9, 2013

Jamie's Rule Book Part 3

Jamie came home the following night as exhausted as usual. She grabbed a cup of water, made her adjustments in the notebook and joined me on the sofa watching TV. I had on some boring animal program. Somewhere, at some time on this planet, this group of lionesses trapped and devoured a confused warthog. The nonplussed narrator explained how lionesses would hunt together even though they preferred solitude.

“How was practice?” I asked.

“Exhausting,” she said, “we had to practice Steve’s lift a hundred and a half times and then Evie couldn’t get her second pirouette in the ghost sequence. The pianist started rushing she got so bored, and then nobody could keep time.” As she spoke her fingers wrapped themselves around the side of my head and her grasp casually guided my head to her belly. I kissed the dried sweat from her navel and progressed southwards as she rolled down her tights. I made my way past the strip of half-shaven stubble between her public bones and into the longer thicket on her pubic mons. She pulled one leg out of the tights and wrapped it around the back of my head, compelling me down and in. I gave her outer labia a nice even lick. It wasn’t until she pushed my mouth up against her vagina that I noticed the taste was wrong.  It was something totally unusual, something salty and foul. I made a noise of disgust and tried to pull back but her grasp tightened on the back of my head and she overpowered my retreat.  “Get in there,” she moaned. “Suck Evan’s cum out of me. Make me clean, baby.”

After she’d cum on my face I sat on the floor between her legs, my head rested on her thigh. “I can’t believe you did that,” I mumbled bitterly.

“Was it good to taste a real man?” She asked. “Do you know how many times he made me cum before shooting off in me? Do you want to guess?”

I looked away, off at her other thigh. “How did you become so…” I let the first word pass from my mind, “voracious all of the sudden?”

She giggled but her laugh descended her throat into a belly laugh. “All of the sudden?” she repeated. “I’ve always loved sex. I just stopped looking forward to it because you’d always tease me up and then leave me high and sopping wet. When we were first dating I would get a boy in almost every day.” She caught my chin with a finger and pulled my face to see hers and then pet my cheek. She sat back, relaxing in the sofa. She said, “I think this is just fantastic. I’ve never been this fulfilled physically and I just feel so alive.” It was true, she was beaming.  “I haven’t danced this well since college.”
After I cooked dinner and we ate it on the couch, watching a cooking competition series on TV, Jamie noticed me watching her. “What?” she asked.

“Weren’t we…” I hinted, “Didn’t you want to…”

Comprehension broke across her face. “Right. Your milking. I did want to try that.” She considered me briefly and said, “But you’re going to have to get prettier than that if you want to seduce me.”
I was still wearing sweats from hanging around the house all day. I didn’t feel terribly sexy, but I did feel pent-up. I gussied up and returned wearing the red silk nighty and panties she liked so much. “Ooh, nice choice,” she said. “Now shake it for me.” She turned on “Leave the Key on the Chain,” her favorite slow, sexy song. I shimmied a bit and made a few poses, trying not to feel silly. She didn’t look entirely impressed, but when it was over, she said, “Okay, bring that cute ass over here.”

She leaned over the back of the couch to grab something and I presented my locked cock and balls for her key. When she turned back, she held a floppy purple dildo. “All right, let’s get you ready,” she was saying.
When I saw her hand I stepped back. “What?”

She burst out laughing, her giggles sending ripples through the floppy silicone. “You didn’t- I told you that you weren’t getting out of that cage anymore. Did you think I was kidding or something? My goodness you look so silly.” She mocked my sad expression with a sadder one. “Why are you so sad? Did you not understand?”

My shock and horror mixed with embarrassment. Before I could she laid a towel across the floor beside the sofa. “Get down there, on hands and knees. No, facing away from me. Are you just acting dumb to waste time? I hope so at this point.” She lubed up my exposed hole and began to work the dildo inside of me. I tried my best to accept it inside, focusing on relaxing into the intruder. I looked down and saw a clear liquid dribbling from my cock. “Woah,” Jamie said, “You weren’t supposed to start that quick. It’s supposed to take a-“ she cut herself off and hurried to the kitchen leaving me waiting with the dildo hanging out of my ass, held in only by gravity. She returned with a roll of condoms and opened one. She rolled it over the plastic of the chastity cage and remarked, “It’s been a long time since you’ve worn one of these, huh?”
She sat back down and continued to work the cock into me, in and out, inch by inch. I was moaning and groaning by the time the handle hit my hole. “Oh god, that’s deep,” I gasped.

“Hush, Sandy’s pulling ahead.” she responded, glued to the television. I looked down to see the condom hanging loosely from the tip of my cock with an increasingly large bubble of an off-clear liquid. As the drama of the show heightened her movements became more forceful until I was grunting like a Pool Party slut. During the commercial breaks the thrusting stopped as she lubed up the next biggest cock and replaced her fucking implement inside of me. By the end of the show I was in tears from the pain and stimulation. We were only two toys away from Mr. Happy. She inspected my cock and said, “Yeah, that looks like a healthy amount. Possibly a week’s worth. Anyway, anything we missed we can get next time.” She carefully pulled the condom from me and brought it to my lips. I turned away, disgusted by the smell, but she grabbed my face by the nose and when I gasped for air I met a mouthful of my own filth. I coughed and hacked with elicited fresh guffaws from Jamie. “Mmm mmm, I bet that’s yummy,” she mocked.
Not long after that the front door opened and slammed shut. The noise sent of shiver of tension through my body and I had to fight to keep my stretched rectum relaxed. “Hello?” called a man’s voice.

“We’re in the living room,” cried out my girlfriend.

Facing into the room, I couldn’t see Brad until he came around the sofa. My head was to the floor and I was panting into the towel, shaking and exhausted. I saw his brown shoe first, then the pressed line of his starched slacks, his manicured fingers and the cuffs of his green shirt. Meanwhile my nighty had ridden up to my nipples. Brad looked in every way my opposite: he had fair skin and blonde hair totally unlike my deep mocha skin and black, thick hair. He looked to be as much as a half foot taller than me, and when Jamie bid him take off his shirt I could see how hairless his chest and back were. Jamie hadn’t waxed me in ages. Brad’s chest formed an almost perfect V shape from his broad, built shoulders and slender abs.
She got up and ran her pale pink fingers down his white, unfreckled chest. “Did you come from the gym?” she asked.

“No,” he replied. “I thought we were going out.”

Jamie spun around and leaned back onto him. He had to step back to brace against her weight. She put her hands around his neck and shimmied down her body, saying, “Are you sure you don’t want to stay in?” Then, turning back around she curled her fingers around his stiffening cock through the thin slacks. “I think maybe you do.”

Brad let out an embarrassed laugh and stepped back, taking a look at me. The expression that flashed across his face, was it disgust? Or fear perhaps?

Jamie frowned. “What’s wrong, Bradley?”

“I don’t… He’s- this is your boy-“

She cut him off, “He’s my boy. You’re my man.” She approached and grabbed his ass at which he let out a startled yelp. She drew him in close to her and rubbed against him. When she felt his body relax in her hands she said, “I want to see that beautiful cock of yours,” and undid his belt.
The slacks thudded to the floor, weighed down by the leather. She pulled his boxer briefs to his knees and lowered herself to her knees, face to face with his throbbing member. “Hey there, little guy. You look happy to see me.”

Brad guffawed again and reached for his underwear, saying, “Jamie, please.”  Jamie stopped him, catching his hands in hers and gave his cock a lick, causing it to bob up and down. She looked up and said, “Hush now. I’m not talking to you.”

“You’re a pretty cock, aren’t you,” she said and gave it a kiss on the head. “You like to look me in the eye.” That was a slight my hockey stick penis. While Brad’s was no longer than mine and probably a big skinnier, his had a long gradual upward curve. My wonky cock jutted decidedly to the left halfway down. Jamie never found it terribly pleasing. Jamie now wrapped her lips around the head of his tool and licked slowly down the underside with her extended tongue. She only used that long muscle on me to occasionally gag me while we were making out, for a laugh. I could see Brad shudder with pleasure as she drew her tongue back into her mouth. She pulled back with a pop and pushed the saliva down his shaft with her hand. She took the glistening thing in her palm, thumb extended along the shaft and began to stroke him slightly as she took him back into her mouth. He thrusted gently into her and she encouraged the movement. As Brad let out a low moan she reached up and dug her nails into his chest. His moan rose to a strangled shout and she pulled him in by his cock as his chest tried to pull away.

“Ouch, Jamie,” he said with an edge of annoyance in his tone.

She replied coyly, almost mocking, “I thought you liked it rough.”

“I do-“he said, then clearing his voice and proceeding in a deeper tone, “I do like. Rough.”

“Mmm” she hummed approvingly. “I want you to fuck me on the couch.”

I shifted a bit to keep them in my sight (managing the wedge the dildo deeper into my guts thanks to gravity) as they approached the couch, she falling backwards onto the cushions and pulling him onto her. She, glistening from my tongue, invited him, glistening from hers, into her. They both gasped with pleasure and he started nailing her hard. The couch joined in on their racket with its squeaking. “Hard, hard” she was screaming and he was giving it to her. “Fuck! Fuck yes!” she shrieked, pulling him close as she came. I watched the muscles spasm through her body, hard tired muscles shaking under her sweaty skin. She grabbed his face and kissed him hungrily. “Your cock fills me up so good,” she whispered. I moaned with frustration.

Brad looked over at me, surprised I was still here. Jamie looked at me too, stress forming across her pale sweaty brow. “The cuckie,” she started but had to catch her breath. “The cuckie is frustrated is he?”
I closed my eyes and regretted my misfortune of being born with a mouth.

She allowed Brad, still hard and unsatisfied, to pull out as she crawled across the sofa, leaving a damp spot where they fucked. With her knees on the cushion she leaned over the arm of the sofa and planted her sweaty hands on my back. Her nails bit slightly into my skin. “Up, up,” she said, and I pushed myself up into a table position. “Brad, get that glorious cock back in me.” As he took up a stance behind her she moaned, “Right where it belongs,” and groaned her pleasure as he slid back into her. Before long he was pumping away with her hips stationary between his broad hands.

“Take it. Fucking take that shit,” he grunted through grit teeth. I could feel every pump through Jamie’s arms 
pushing me into the ground. My own shaking arms could barely hold us up but I fought to hold my ground. One of her hands picked up and traveled down my back to the dildo still jutting from my back end.
“Take it,” she echoed and worked the beast in and out of me. My prostate was tired and sensitive from the already extensive hammering it had received but the punishment continued. The thing had a big head that I could feel jabbing me deep inside, and along the sides the ribs of silicon kneaded my aching hole. I whined like a dog as she brought up the pace.

“Please!” I cried.

“Fuck me Brad,” she screamed, “fuck me deep.”

“Oh fuck!” he yelled.

“No, no, no,” shouted Jamie, pushing against me so that she could continue fucking him as he came.

“Ah! Ah!” he cried as she humped his sensitive cock. “It hurts!”

“I didn’t say to cum yet, you shit,” she said, taking out her frustration by raping my ass all the harder as she ceased her humping. “Did I say you could cum?”

Brad looked like a hurt animal. “I thought you liked it,” he was saying.

“Get, get,” she yelled shooing him. Brad snatched his clothes from the floor and scampered into the front room. Soon afterwards I heard him leave.

Jamie was rage and heat of the moment so she eased the silicone out of my ass. The relief was indescribable, the relaxation glorious. She spanked my playfully. “You did very well, toy.”
I was shaking my head, digging my forehead into the carpet. “No, no, no,” I shouted, “That was awful. I hated it.”

Jamie tsked. “Don’t talk like that. You’ll earn yourself a night in the crate.” She rolled me off of the towel and, seeing it was clean, threw it on the wet spot and plopped herself down on top of it. The late afternoon sun made the droplets of sweat crawling across her skin an orange and purple. “Give me your tongue,” she demanded.

“Nuh-uh,” I shook my head.

“Get over here,” she said, a note of annoyance creeping in.

“No. That’s disgusting,” I said. “I can’t move, anyway.” I felt so tired. I didn’t care about points or punishments, I just wanted to lay there and die.

She slapped a pillow beside her for emphasis, saying, “I can get Mr. Snappy if I need to. I’m sure he’s feeling left out.”

I met her gaze to express my displeasure and she stared me down. Seeing she was totally serious, I pulled myself to my knees and crawled between her legs. The taste was different, slightly better than the older cum from earlier, but salty. The salt of her sweat had accumulated in her bush and my nose sucked in the air and moisture indiscriminately. I was already dreading the inevitable next time.

Jamie's Rule Book Part 4

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