Monday, January 2, 2012


I'd like to discuss something that comes up in my captions quite a bit: size differences. One of my earliest fantasies was related to this issue. When I was in elementary school, before I was concerned with realism or anatomy, I had an overweight teacher and I wanted her to swallow me with her fat rolls- her huge tits, her sweaty pussy, her giant ass. I wanted to crawl inside of her and live there, just inside her pussy or around her pubic hair. I wanted to be tiny and live inside her panties all day as she walked around sweating, using me as toilet paper when she pissed.

I was young then: pre-pubescent young. In fact, most of my current fantasies are updated and refined versions of fantasies I came up with before or right around puberty. I guess that that's one of the reasons I am so tiny or young in my fantasies. I am currently 6'2, 160 lbs (a tall, gangley fellow by any measure), but I was always the shortest and youngest person in every class and friend group I had up until I was 17 and finally outgrew everyone. That's 17 years of looking up to everyone and 5 of looking down. There are things I miss about being short- being picked up, poked at, played with by friends. I think that when you are taller, people are less physical with you. Maybe it's because I look like I can fight back now. Or maybe that's just part of growing up. Anyway, I miss the physical contact (non-sexual) that I had when I was smaller.

There's also the power element. In any sexual situation I've had, I know somewhere in me that I could physically overpower the other person if I really had to. I have never been restrained to the point where I couldn't easily free myself. My girlfriends (post-high school) have been significantly shorter and lighter than me (usually around a whole foot). I would like to be with a girl as tall as me, or slightly shorter, but It's difficult to find women of that height. Sometimes I fantasize about just being spooned by a woman taller than me. When I am being spooned, I like to be small spoon, and I often dream that the girl will shove a double-ended dildo into me and then start getting off, quietly in the early morning, while I am nothing but a dildo holder for her. I wish that I was in chastity, and she would start fucking my ass in that early stillness before the morning starts, sensually but firmly.

But, until the laws of nature are reversed, it will remain a fantasy.

I created a new album of captions today that you can view here:

I will release another set next weekend, so that you have something to look forward to. Here is a bonus caption from the next set:

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