Sunday, January 29, 2012

Power and the Family

Today I posted a new set of captions! Check them out here:

This set explores some of the darker and more elaborate of my fantasies, one of which is family domination. While I am not explicitly attracted to my mother or my sisters, I write captions about those fantasies and find them very erotic.

There was something degrading about growing up with two older sisters who could and often would overpower me and sit on me until I relented. From a young age I realized that, in the end, the physical aggressor wins the argument. My sisters would frequently pin me down and laugh as I struggled to free myself. There was nothing erotic about it, and I outgrew them when I hit puberty, but it must have programmed something in me from a young age.

The role of the mother in my fantasy future is one of ultimate authorial. Growing up, your mother shapes your world and your mind. What happens in early childhood will color your perceptions for the rest of you life. For that reason, the mom has enormous power. In the future, mothers dehumanize and use their sons from a young age to prepare them for the treatment that they will receive for the rest of their lives. The mother can teach them about their utter submission and show them the physical realities of it. Some mothers simply become accustomed to a sex and thought slave and decide to castrate their sons and keep them for their own. It doesn't take much to enslave a boy's mind from a young age.

So while my own mother is not attractive to me, the role of motherhood and it's great power is hugely attractive.

Thank you to those of you who have sent me emails and reached out to me. It is wonderful to hear from readers and it spurs me to continue writing.  This group of captions was the last of that set, so it will be some time before I release my next large set of captions. In the meantime, however, I will continue blogging and posting images. I plan to educate myself on photo manipulation so that I can contribute to the image instead of just the language. I also plan to start writing short-short stories on this blog for a little light reading. I want to start working back up to writing long-form fiction.

To see new images, check out my captions on imagefap: . For some inspiration and very sexy blogs check out The Second World and Looking-Glass World, two amazing blogs. Thanks for reading.

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