Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Things First

I am a 22-year-old heterosexual male who loves receiving anal. This is all that I can say easily and with certainty.

The purpose of this blog is to provide me with a place to work through the ideas and issues that surround this. I am in a pretty confused state so far, and having a place to write conversationally may provide me with some peace. I know that I have something of a following on a few sites where I post my captions and other writing, and this will give me an opportunity to interact with you and show you a little more of my life.

Nick Carraway is obviously not my real name. He is the protagonist of The Great Gatsby, and it seemed like a fitting choice for my writing style. Most of my stories and captions take place in another world: a place where women are tall and powerful, totally in control of culture and politics, and where men are routinely and endemically abused. The primary tool of control in this world is the dildo. Men will tend to be drugged and kidnapped from nightclubs, sold into sexual slavery by their mothers, held in bondage, starved and beaten, all in the interests of creating and maintaining the perfect slave. The perfect slave will wait on his owner(s) every whim, will never speak first or look into his owner's eyes, will gladly accept any punishment if it means being close to his owner, and, of course, will generally have a dildo in for any manner of function or event. The mark of a good slave boy is his ability to take the largest of dicks, and do so willingly and publicly- and the mark of a good owner is her slave's ability to perform this function. A poorly trained male can be the source of great embarrassment.

I got carried away there (groan). My name is Nick Carraway, because, like in The Great Gatsby, I am an outsider looking in. I have entered this new world, but I am not truly a member of it. I am judging and watching their strange customs and fixations with an intrigued but not-altogether trusting eye. The women can be so cruel, even frivolous and senseless, irrespective of the lives they are destroying with their actions. Men have dropped below the point of protecting themselves, financially, politically or culturally, and have become total dependents. Most of my inspiration comes from the actual conditions of Victorian-era women (I am a consummate lover of history) and the tactics that men used to keep them dependent, often invading their own discourse with ideas of their inferiority.

Sometimes my own work scares me- I feel bad for the boys that I am mistreating, and often bad for the broken, confused women who are mistreating them. And yet, these ideas pervade my mind. I almost always masturbate in this realm, I daydream about it in my everyday life, and I am working on a novel that takes place in this world (albeit somewhat less sexual than my other work). I want to both live in it and banish it from my life forever, so instead I write it. If I can get some of this out of my head and into the world, then maybe I will find some peace.

Now, I will leave you with a caption from my upcoming set, due out in a few weeks (whenever I finish. I have a huge collection of images that I'm working with.)

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