Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and yeah. Had a couple of talks over the holiday week about what each of us wanted in this relationship. Well I need to step up my game because Godess has stepped up hers. She delivered to me a list of December rules, signed off with the ominous note, "follow these rules and your rewards will exceed your punishments." Shivers down my spine. She texted me at work that she wanted to fuck my ass. I think she understood me when I said I didn't want to feel humored. The first day I earned a reward in the form of delicious corn starch pumped with corn syrup: my favorite candies. However, that night I failed to keep Godess' wine cup filled, so this morning I got a punishment. She let me wake her up with sexy times, but when I asked to fuck her, she instructed me to use the strap-on dildo (don't worry, we keep separate toys). Happily and gave her her pleasure, and at the end, nothing for me. It's the first time she's denied me, or really any woman has straight up told me know when at that point. It felt... interesting. I felt truly submissive, like I'd performed a service and that service was done.

This woman is amazing. And so quiet to the outside world. She has rarely pushed dominance on me aside from a few special occasions. Her taking this step to bring it out of the bedroom and into our relationship and daily life is more than I could have hoped for. I have felt more fulfilled in this last week than I have in any relationship ever.

BTW, there is a new story coming. It's half finished. I've decided to return to my rule: don't post part 1 until the whole thing's done. I hate an abandoned story, and I have abandoned many. More to come.

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