Thursday, July 11, 2013

It Takes a Village Part 3

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Timmy takes the opportunity to pull off of her and try to make a break for the door.  Sandy lets go of his hips for the fun of it and he disconnects from her cock with a sucking “pop.” Ass gaping, he crawls on hands and knees for the door, shouting muffled curses through the throat cock. He manages to get on his feet for a moment, but the heels land him on the floor, face-cock first, in moment. Exhausted and defeated, he keeps crawling towards the door, now in an army crawl.

Amy watches, captivated for a moment, and then strides around him in front of the door, cock slapping against her thighs as she advances, her thighs glistening with the perspiration of the hot summer afternoon and the sexual excitement of seeing a boy properly fucked. Timmy looks up at her, with the legs of an Amazon, up and up, until he sees her giant purple cock. He drops his chin to the floor, finally accepting the futility of escape.

“And where do we think we’re going?” Amy asks sarcastically. She bends down (cock resting against the carpet), unbelts his gag and pulls the six inches of plastic from his throat, bringing with it a fresh round of coughing, sputtering and retching. 

“A-ka. Ah. Heh,” Timmy continues to sputter, trying to make words with his fucked voicebox.

She grabs his face and says, “Didn’t your mother teach you any manners, young man? When women are enjoying your company, you’re obligated to please every woman there. Don’t play favorites. I’m going to get jealous thinking that you like Angie and Marcy better than me,” adopting a little pout at the end. “Do you want to make it up to me?”

Timmy finds himself for a moment and says in a dull, scratchy voice, “please let me go. I will do anything. I won’t tell anyone about this, I promise. Just please, please…”

My heart breaks for the kid, I have to say, but Amy has never had any males in her family, and she will not abide ‘pleading’ so she talks over him, now with a little edge of anger, saying, “you can make it up to me by burying my cock in your face.”

“Just let me go. I’m so scared. I want to go home,” Timmy keeps mumbling, turning inward, knowing that Amy will never help him. He looks at me with those puppy-dog eyes and says, “Carol. Please. Please help me,” and Amy slaps him hard right in the nose and mouth with her girthy dildo.

“I don’t want to fuck you with this. I want you to suck me. Got it?”

Timmy is reeling from the pain, eyes watering, but his hands soon find the cock and he guides it to his mouth.

“No hands,” says Amy, her gorgeous thighs glistening in the afternoon light.

Timmy lowers his hands and takes the tip of the cock in his lips. He pushes himself up off the ground, working the cock into his stretched mouth.

“I would tell you to back off the teeth, but I really don’t think you could if you tried,” she says, caressing the back of his head. He draws up closer to her, taking as much as he can in his mouth, eyes bulging, sweating, straining, but when he tries to draw back her grasp becomes hard, steadfast. “You’re not going anywhere,” she says, looking into his eyes.

Sandy, seeing an opening, steps in with all that talk again, “I want to bury this big black cock in your sissy hole. I want you to feel my chocolate cock fill you up like no cock ever has,” and she starts working her dildo back into his tortured hole, which of course sends him into a screaming and crying frenzy.

Amy, who hates whining at the best of times, is none too pleased with his development and turns on Sandy, saying, “I am so sick of your racist bullshit, Sandy. Everyone knows that I have the biggest cock here. You being black does not make yours special.”

Sandy, who was lost in her dirty talk, looks up at Amy as she absentmindedly sinks the rest of the cock home.  “What are you saying?” she asks.

Amy adjusts her grasp, forcing a little more cock into Timmy’s mouth. “I’m saying that I have the biggest cock. So why do you keep talking about your big black cock like it’s anything special?”

Sandy, undeterred, starts fucking Timmy, nice and slow, moving several inches in and out. Timmy is screaming like she’s ripping his guts out. “You hear that sound?” says Sandy. That’s what my big black cock can do.

Amy forces her giant dildo further down his throat, trying to muffle the sound, saying, “my cock could do that too. I don’t like the whimpering. I want him to fuck me.”

Everyone knows what she meant, but I giggle at the prospect of this little sissy using his clit for anything other than receiving pain and humiliation. Sandy retorts, “you know this cock is modeled on an actual man’s penis. All 12 inches of it. Everyone knows that black cocks are the biggest. Everyone knows.”
Amy starts rage-fucking Timmy’s face a little bit. I can see the new shock in his eyes. “Who gives a fuck what guys dicks were like? That’s totally irrelevant. A cock is a cock is a cock now and mine’s the biggest, okay?”

Sandy snorts, “whatever.”

Poor Timmy. This is not an argument that any of us women would be willing to get in the middle of. He was totally at their mercy. Amy suddenly rips her cock out of his mouth. “If you want me to show you, I will show you. Okay?”
Sandy says, “Fuck off. I’m getting into it.”
Amy stands up, her cock waving dangerously close to Sandy’s face. To touch her with it would be the ultimate insult. “You want me to make him scream, I will show you. Let me show you, you racist bitch.”
Sandy swats the cock away, “Fuck off. Just let me cum.”

“No,” yells Amy. She gets on her knees next to Sandy and starts trying to cut in. “Let me fuck him,” she says, angling her cock towards his stretched hole.

“I said no!” shouts Sandy, fucking away vigorously. “Let me fuck him first.”

The women yell and bicker, pushing on each other, pushing on Timmy, who is screaming like a wildcat with his mouth unplugged, but they don’t care. They have to take this to its inevitable conclusion because it’s fucking Amy and Sandy and they are always like this. So sure enough they fight and fight and eventually Amy manages, with a horrible pop, to get the head of her cock into Timmy’s virgin hole right alongside Amy’s.

The room gasps. The air goes cold.

Timmy gasps, silent for a moment, and then lets out a mewl different from the others. What before was mostly terror now became pain. Genuine hurt.

The women pull out right away, Amy’s popping out and then Sandy, and turn to me apologizing breathlessly, blood dripping off their cocks. The blood is everywhere, welling on the carpet, splattering in little droplets. I can basically see the fibers gobbling it up.

So that was it. My ‘friends’ yet again ruin everything nice in my life. I’m a nurse who has worked in ‘men’s issues’ before, so I had him sown up before long. While he was out the women all apologized to me, except Marcy who was still mad at me for finishing her off early. I sent Timmy home with a tampon and a pad, I told him that I would never speak to him or love him again if he ever told his parents.

He was a little different after that. Jumpier, I guess. Certainly less trusting of me. But he accepted my gifts and enjoyed my company, and when he was needed, he would offer his body for our pleasure (but we always had to gag him before taking his ass. His terrified screaming was just too much, even years after we had been fucking him without incident). It ended like most relationships with males do- he was so attached that when I handed his key to his new owner, he started crying and hugging my leg, asking what he had done wrong and how to please me again. How do you explain to a boy that young that what for him was a shaping experience was for me just another conquest in a long, deeply lived life. I wonder who he’s serving now.

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