Thursday, January 11, 2018

Updates and New Developments

Hey there,

It's been a while since I posted. I've continued to be active writing, but I haven't finished a piece that I was happy with for a while.

I've got 2 pieces of news.

1. I've finished a new story, or rather a novella. It centers around 4 plots taking place in the same city that interact with each other in various ways. Naturally it focuses on dominant women and young boys getting their butts fucked, but it also introduces some new ideas and possibly lays the groundwork for a new universe of connected stories. My plan is to take some time with it, really revise it to a keen edge, and then submit to bdsm publishers. I figure that I've been doing this long enough and some of my stories have been popular enough to justify publishing this one properly (and trying to make some money). I've never properly monetized this blog, and while I obviously do this for the love of it, I would be able to dedicate more time and publish more frequently if I had money coming in from it. Of course, if I can't find a publisher, I'll publish myself. I plan to alternate between shorter stories that I'll publish here for free and longer works that will be behind a pay gate of some kind.

2. I have a new girlfriend and she's pretty dominant in the bedroom. She's new to BDSM (like everyone I've dated) but she's not only been open to my kinks, she's downright excited. The majority of our sexual encounters have included a finger or two in my ass, usually unprompted, which is just peachy with me. Last night, though, she did something that no one I've dated has done. She did something dommy that I didn't ask for or contemplate, which was amazing.

We were getting hot and heavy, making out, and I got to sorta humping her leg. She wrapped her other leg around my hips and told me to go harder and faster. Then she pushed the thigh I was humping up into me, basically kneeing my balls. I had the natural reaction of pulling back and she commanded, "No, keep going." She pulled me in with the leg around my waist and this time well and truly smashed by balls with her knee. "Stay right here," she said. I had a moment of genuine pain and panic and started humping like my life depended on it. I felt like a dog, a sub and her slave all at the same time. It's probably sad to say, given how long I've been into femdom, that that was the first time I've followed a command with genuine fear for self-preservation. Obviously she was just having fun, I was in no real danger, but holy shit did I get my hump on. That's one of my first tastes of total powerlessness and it felt really good.

Assuming things keep going this way, hopefully I will have more personal stories to report.